TCL 43S425-CA 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Television (2019), 43″

I happened to buy a smart TV for my room. I wanted a smart TV as I had an old 1900s tube tv that I wanted to get rid of and get the latest one that had been affordable. I had wanted a smart tv for quite some time. Besides, I think most of the OTA signal has gone digital, so it wouldn’t have worked unless I went and got some sort of box for the old tv, anyhow.

I “ran into” a TV on sale online and decided to just up and buy it. I felt that getting into the Smart TV scene would be a very good thing to do since it was a ROKU TV and I went over the ROKU home site.

I found just tons and TONS of channels I could pick from, including the usual fare, such as Youtube and Netflix. There was just UNREAL amounts of channels from movies of all ages and eras and documentaries.

Surely you cannot run out of something to watch. Smart TV‘s, like Rokus provide such a massive buffet of stuff to watch. I think you could live all your life in front of smart TVs watching and watching until you had died naturally in old age, and you’d never reach the end of what IS out there.

It is A truly ENDLESS buffet of things to watch.

When I was young back in the Late 80’s-90’s, kids would say to me at church, “HEY! We have satellite and it has THOUSANDS of channels”!, and I thought that’d be cool at the time.

Back then, YOU had to catch the program at a given time. Maybe you had to go to a friends house for a party. Well, your choice was to miss the show and go there, or miss the party. Nowadays, you “can have your cake AND eat it”, so to speak. Just go to an on-demand flick on the TV AFTER the party. Just go to whatever app it is on and boom!

Maybe you were on the fence about getting a Smart TV. Now is your chance to JUMP IN NOW!